The program consists of two parts:

Tailored advice

Tailored advice solves issues you have on subjects like:

  • Legal
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

Group program

The group program offers a mix of:

  • Masterclasses/workshops

  • Mentoring

  • Matching with investors/corporates/talent

Tailored advice

You will get (subsidized) access to preselected consultants on subjects like HR, Legal, Organization, Strategy and much more. Its demand driven and costs are on average €2.750 depending on the needs. 

  • Legal
  • Strategy
  • Organisation
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Funding

Masterclasses & workshops

Session 1: Growth: how do I build a market, from niche to mainstream?
Session 2: Team: how do I develop my team and myself?
Session 3: International expansion; growth in new foreign markets
Session 4: Venture Capital, Business Angels & Crowd
Session 5: Digital Transformation;
what’s my strategy in the digital world
Session 6: Merger & Acquisition; when & how?


Mentoring is a highly valued assets in our program. We have build a high profile mentorpool in close cooperation with MIT, the Amsterdam Business School and the network of Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship. You will be matched with one (or more if needed) of our 50+ mentors based on: (industry) background, skillset and phase you/your company is/are in. Minimum of 4 sessions.

Talent matching

Most of the SME companies in the region find it difficult to get in contact with the right talent to boost their growth. They don’t know where to look within the big organizations from the universities. And what to expect from students. As a participant of the programme you will get access to preselected talent from the 100.000 students from UvA, VU and HvA. A one-stop-shop to attract right university talent.

  • University or HBO
  • Within education or paid work
  • Thesis and internship
  • Temporary work, recruitement, payrolling
  • Consultancy

Matching with corporates

How to get into the big corporates to really boost your growth? As an SME is often difficult to get access to big organizations. Ready2scale has a broad network of corporate client where you are offered to pitch your company! We bring you to the table to find new clients or new partnerships. 

Matching with investors

Looking for funding to get your company to the next level? And find it difficult to attract the attention of investors? Ready2scale makes your company investment ready and bring you to the table. You will get the opportunity to meet preselected investors 1-on-1 and in pitching events.